Welcome to the Bodgery

A makerspace and social group for makers in Madison, WI


Grand Opening!

This Saturday, August 22nd, we’re inviting you all to a party in honor of our new (giant) space.  We’ll have carnival games, a silent auction (including the copper and brass rose bouquet seen here), tours of the shop, great conversation – and FOOD! Join us from 10 am – 6 pm, bring your friends and family, and help us christen … Continued

What A Short Strange Trip It’s Been

The Bodgery’s previous quarters were wonderful in a lot of ways. There was something madcap and inviting about walking in and seeing the ingenious layered spatial clutter. Art and science and laser cutting and woodworking. Mannequins and canvases, retro everything, welding and metalsmithing and woodworking, Raspberry Pis and a stupendous 3 ton overhead crane. Sculpture made of bicycles. Wild art … Continued

Moving! Moar Bigger!

That’s right, as of July 1st we’ll be in a new, MUCH larger building.  We’re more than tripling our size, so lots of space for woodworking, metal working, roomy electronics area and great craft area (nice flooring! trim!). The address is 4444 Robertson Rd, near Stoughton Rd, between Milwaukee St and Cottage Grove Rd.  Stay tuned for our first party, Open Shop … Continued

He Who Smelt It, Dealt It

So we had these empty soda cans waiting to be recycled . . .  See what happens when you visit our Open Shop on Friday nights?  You too could be smelting metal, blacksmithing or welding!  (Open this post to watch the video and hear the mighty roar of the forge!)  

Don’t Lock now, this week, it’s your Pick at the Bodgery!

This week, the Bodgery is offering two Maguyver-style classes: DIY Lock Picks, and Lockpicking 101. Tuesday, member, Karen, is hosting back to back DIY lock pick classes where attendees will learn various methods of making their own set of lock picks for easily sourced, free materials. Thursday, guest instructor, Kat, will explain the anatomy of a lock and how to … Continued

So There Was Pi

And Pie. And Raspberry Pis. Much deliciousness, mathematical discussion, and even Weird Science playing in the lounge! Because how can we not celebrate a once-a-century event! (If you hadn’t heard, 3-14-15 was the date, 9:23 pm was the time, and 56 seconds was the cherry on top)

Saving the Galaxy

Luckily for us, lazing around on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the intrepid crew of the USS Bodgery is out there, clearing the galaxy of ships with poor shields and inferior weaponry. The crew is playing Artemis again, a 6-member team that cooperates to operate a starship together, zooming around space, taking on other teams, raiding supply depots and taunting random … Continued

Lasers, Welders, Arduinos and Bookbinders

Our class schedule is shaping up! Most every month, JT teaches Laser Cutting/Etching, Mike teaches about Welding or blacksmithing, and Karen is teaching how to use the Vinyl Cutter. Soldering 101 is coming again from Lumen Jewelry.  We have monthly meetups on Microcontrollers (Arduinos/Rasp Pi’s) and Bookbinding. Lots to learn and do! This, in addition to our weekly Open Shop and … Continued