Welcome to the Bodgery

A makerspace and social group for makers in Madison, WI


Saving the Galaxy

Luckily for us, lazing around on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the intrepid crew of the USS Bodgery is out there, clearing the galaxy of ships with poor shields and inferior weaponry. The crew is playing Artemis again, a 6-member team that cooperates to operate a starship together, zooming around space, taking on other teams, raiding supply depots and taunting random … Continued

Lasers, Welders, Arduinos and Bookbinders

m4s0n501 Our class schedule is shaping up! Most every month, JT teaches Laser Cutting/Etching, Mike teaches about Welding or blacksmithing, and Karen is teaching how to use the Vinyl Cutter. Soldering 101 is coming again from Lumen Jewelry.  We have monthly meetups on Microcontrollers (Arduinos/Rasp Pi’s) and Bookbinding. Lots to learn and do! This, in addition to our weekly Open Shop … Continued

Raspberry Perls

You may have noticed the webcam feed on the new website design – that’s thanks to our member Timm Murray who built it from a Raspberry Pi, a red “D-Day Switch”, a laser-cut box made in the shop, and a bunch of configerin’.  Check out the write-up on PerlTricks.com!

Forging Ahead

Mike Rousonelos finished up his propane forge at the shop a few weeks back, and tonight was working on building the wooden stand for his Peter Wright anvil. Mike’s studied welding and metalworking, and is a self-taught blacksmith. If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, or being trained in the new tools, let Mike know!

LittleBits Projects!

Thanks to the cool folks at Littlebits, a sample pack of their modules is coming to The Bodgery! Think circuits that snap together like legos, allowing you to build all kinds of cool projects quickly and easily. So what do you think we should make for the shop with them? Come and play around with the sample pack and see … Continued

Craftz R Us

Come on down for our Holiday Craft Fair, Dec 6th and 7th. We have laser-cut, circuit-built, hand carved, metal-worked, knitted and many other crafted items for sale, and just in time for gift season! Did I mention baked goods?  Yummmm…  

Winter at The Bodgery

The Blanket Wall formerly known as the Overhead Door.  Thank God for crafters, and Dig n’ Save blankets!    Keeping your makerspace warm and draft-free for the next 5 months… So it turns out, there’s a stalemate between our building manager and MG&E, so we’re getting creative about heat!  We have two garage heaters going and last night Karen and Sarah … Continued

Member Project – the JUTbox

In about two days, Mark took this assortment of parts – a tiny black & white tv, wifi router, audio components, an old box and some mounting hardware (left image)… and turned it into this! (right image and below)