Welcome to the Bodgery

A makerspace and social group for makers in Madison, WI


National Makerspace Organizers Summit

At the invitation of the White House (!), our co-founder, Karen Corbeill, attended a Nation of Makers meeting on August 24th. The over 180 attendees (and 100 more on the waiting list) were all founders, owners, board members, and organizers of makerspaces, hackerspaces, and fab labs across the country, including representatives from Hawaii and Alaska. The all-day affair featured keynote … Continued

This is your brain on music

Chris, a frequent guest and part of our CNC Team, recently built a headphone stand with an integrated DAC and tube amp. It lights up in 8 individual zones which are all RGB controllable over DMX (theater lighting control), and can be set to pulse, strobe, etc. It is super rad. Check out the full set of photos and story here!

Madison Maker Faire

Well that was fun!  Thanks to an intrepid crew of Bodgers, we talked to an amazing river of visitors, gave away hundreds of cards, demonstrated tools and ran up high scores on the new 4-player arcade. We met a ton of great people, enjoyed all the booths at the Faire, and are looking forward to seeing many new faces around … Continued

The Force is Strong With This One

Our co-founder Karen Corbeill made this killer Rey cosplay for Penguicon in Detroit. “The vest, shirt, and pants were modified and tailored from found clothing. The shoulder bag was made from scratch from found materials from an apron, 4 placemats, and webbed belts. Staff is 3/4″ EMT with 3D printed and lasercut pieces, strips of muslin and brown cotton. Straps … Continued


In this week’s edition of The Isthmus newspaper, the Bodgery was featured in a great article on our “All Inclusive” dynamic.  Whether expert or newbie, crafter or gear-head, we aim to provide a space where everyone can feel at home. Pick up a copy, or view it online!

Community Tool Drive

Are there family tools sitting unused in a garage or basement? Does your business have a large tool or machine sitting in a corner? We’re hosting a tool drive, to get those tools into the hands of people who will use them, love them, and learn new skills with them. (More info) Together with the Atwood Tool Library, and the … Continued

CNC Party and Demo

Friday night we’re hosting a CNC party, celebrating all the computer-guided machines in the shop. The CNC Router from Milwaukee is up and running, and we have a new mini-CNC-router (the Carvey) to show off, plus the laser cutter/engraver, our 3D printers, the vinyl cutter, and a CNC embroidery machine! We’ll provide demos on them all, so come explore the possibilities … Continued

New Tools!

Well isn’t this exciting.  Three new tools are now in the shop, ready for your project needs!  A metal lathe, tabletop end mill, and a sandblaster. Plus, a liquid-cooled stone grinder for jewelry, tile saw, another 3D printer, etc.  Stop by any Mon/Fri night and check them out!

A Visit to Tormach

Members of the Bodgery were lucky enough to get a personal tour of Tormach’s facilities in Waunakee recently, and we had a blast!  It’s great when a company whose product you admire has the values and environment to match – it looks like a great place to work, the staff were really friendly and welcoming, and the maker spirit is … Continued

The Octopus Foundry

Thanks to Andy, we had a smelting-sculpture party tonight at the shop.  Pouring the molten metal over cold water beads makes wicked cool sculptures.  Click through for the video!  Aluminum pour on the left, pewter on the right.