Crochet-a-thon for Yarn Bombing Project

yarn-bombing-street-art-crocheting-buenos-aires-buenosairesstreetart.com_Have you heard of Yarn Bombing? Yarn bombing is a form of guerrilla knitting and graffiti that involves encasing public objects, like sign posts, in knitted or crocheted yarn.

Intrigued? Well, Architectural Masters student, Bibiana Lightfoot needs your help! She is currently working on her Thesis from the Boston Architectural College, which involves designing a structure and integrating a weaving aspect. She will be building her 1/2 scale model structure here, disassembling it, and taking it to Boston to reconstruct it for her final presentation.

What she needs from us is as much crocheted or knit pieces as possible to weave onto her structure. Bibiana’s final presentation is the week of August 9th, so we gotta get cracking. So join us, Thursday, July 17th at 6pm. Come and crochet or knit. If you don’t know how, we’ll try to teach you. Don’t feel like doing work, but are interested anyway, go ahead and show up! We can always use cheerleaders. All completed projects will be donated to the project.

We will be able to supply some yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. If you would like to bring your own, we would very much appreciate it.

Hope to see you there!


First, we incorporated with the State of Wisconsin. Next, the feds issued an EIN.  Today – a bank account with debit cards!

Yikes. It’s all gettin’ real …

Silly gif

It Touched Down Again!

Friday Open Shop Night was great…the shop actually felt a bit crowded! Lots of conversations and plans flying around.

The Firenado made another appearance, naturally. This time with more fans, and a new fuel mixture. Results? Higher tornado! See below for images. See you next Friday?


Someone stopped by Open Shop tonight (every Friday, 7-10pm), liked the place, and asked, “Do you have any box fans?  Can we build a Firenado in the parking lot?”

To which we obviously replied, “Heck yeah!!  How about tomorrow night?”  So that’s happening.  8 pm at the Bodgery, in the parking lot, expect photos and maybe a video.

Otherwise, Open Shop brought us lots of cool people, tours were given, ideas tossed around, trapeze’s were hung from the 3-ton lift.  Whatevs.

Thanks to everyone who turned out, and we hope to see you tomorrow night.  For the, um, tornado of flames.


Open Shop Nights – Every Friday

Looking for a chance to see the new space? We’ve got the perfect opportunity – every Friday night we’ll hold an “Open Shop Night” from 7-10pm. Drop in, the door will be open and people hanging out, working on projects, working on the space, etc. We’d love to see you there.

We’ll be adding more of these in the near future, but for now, if you’d like a chance to use the space as a guest (for free!), meet the people involved, or just check things out, Friday nights are our dependable ‘open hours’. Bring a friend!

We’ve found a home!

The Bodgery building

The Bodgery

Big news! We’ve found a space to hang our tool belts!!

Evolution Arts Collective (just off Willy St) has a great little warehouse and is willing to convert it to a makerspace…this means we have a perfect space for classes and meetups, a shop to share tools, and a cool hangout zone for makers, crafters, artists, and anyone interested in making things.

We’re really excited, and will keep you all updated on our progress. We need to tweak the space some, start adding tools, and recruit members.

Here’s our plan: anyone can hang out in the space as a non-member, use tools and materials, and create things free of charge, as long as a member is there. We’ll hold “Open Shop” on Friday nights, and have regular drop-in class nights during the week and weekend so the guests can also visit and get to know us. Members get a key for 24/7 access, storage space, voting rights, and other perks. It’s only $50/month, and it gets more valuable every month, as we add tools and materials!  Let us know if you’re interested!

Oh, and if you do the FB thing, you could help us out by liking our post, and sharing it with your friends.  Let’s let everyone know about the great news!


Wizard Wands on Sunday

WandsJoin us at Central Library in the Bubbler, this Sunday at 1:30pm. We’ll be making light up wizard wands!

A little bit of hot glue, paper, and wire. Throw in an LED and some batteries. Slap on a little paint and you’ve got yourself some hand whirling magic.

This one is for adults AND kids, so bring the family, bring your friends, just don’t bring your dog, because I don’t think they’re allowed in the library.

MadCity Makers is taking steps towards getting our own space! Track down Karen and ask her about it. (It’s very exciting!)

Baby Steps

MadCity Maker signage

Well, we’re just starting to plan for a space to hang our hats (and tools), but we have the essentials already – signage!  :)

Now we just have to find walls to post them on…

UPDATE:  We found walls!  Aaaaaaand posted.